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MARTEK ELEKTRONIK Ltd. originated from the transformation of  Research and development Institute of Structural Engineering in Ostrava, 1990. Simultaneously, founders of the company  were  the former employees of the Institute.

System of concrete mixture control is a product that the company has been developing since its origins. During the system development, customer trends and technological innovations have been incorporated to the system. Company offers a system fully satisfying all the requirements for modern control of concrete and mortar mixtures for concrete production as well as for the production of prefabricated elements.

Since the origins of the company, its area of interest expanded due to the demand for the fields of heat sources control, control of technological facilities of buildings, waste water treatment technology control, LPG, CNG, small hydroelectric power plants, water management and water preparing plants. Successful realisation of those lies in thorough understanding of the technology – including knowledge of all physical and chemical processes. After mastering of this level, proposal of control system and regulation is carried out. This includes proposal of the control system, proposal of both electric and non-electric quantities sensors, actuators and and heavy-current elements.