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Company impersonates more than 20 years in the field of industrial automation. Growing demands of the clients dealing with measurements, control and automation, together with the innovations, are continuously taken into account and incorporated to our products.

Our aim is simply the realisation of the customer's order – i.e. from the analysis of the problem  to the very installation including the start up procedure. Successful realisation of the proposal, as well as realisation of the control and regulation, is guaranteed by the high-quality personnel. In case of  extensive installation, we collaborate with trustworthy contract workers. We insure free-of-charge service during the guarantee time as well as paid service after the end of the guarantee time.

For our control systems, we use components that can be identified as a world standard and this consistency is opening doors between us and foreign investors on the open European market. We operate in following countries of Europe: Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.